The Holy Grail of Eris, Volume 1

Book Info

The Holy Grail of Eris, Volume 1 by Kujira Tokiwa
  • Format: light novel
  • Author: Kujira Tokiwa
  • Art: Yu-nagi
  • Translator: Winifred Bird
  • Publisher: Yen Press


When The Holy Grail of Eris was first announced it completely skipped my notice; but when someone mentioned yesterday that it was a completed(-ish) series (volume three resolves the main story, from what I understand) I decided to give it a go. And I’m glad I did.

As with any good light novel, The Holy Grail of Eris starts off by killing a main character. For once, it’s not the protagonist, although then-six-year-old Constance Grail has the misfortune to be watching. Cut to ten years later; Connie is living her high society life, and engaged to be married to a well-off businessman’s son. Unfortunately, it ends up crashing down around her.

Enter Scarlett Castiel. Despite being dead, Connie is able to see with and speak to her. Scarlett responds to Connie’s prayer, and helps Connie turn the tables, coming out on top in society’s books after the fiasco at the party. In exchange, what Scarlett wants is simple: revenge on the person who was responsible for her death. She was framed… but she doesn’t know by who.

The rest of the book sees Connie trying to investigate Scarlett’s death, without either getting caught by the law or tripping up on her newfound infamy in the upper reaches of society. Given both her social status and her family’s insistence on sincerity, she’s… not very good at going undercover. Between that, and the way demure Connie bounces off Scarlett’s snarky self-centered personality, the characters kept me greatly entertained as the book went along.


I ended up staying up until 2 AM to finish the book because I was so engrossed. I’m eagerly awaiting the next volume. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐