How Do We Relationship?, Volume 2

Book Info

How Do We Relationship?, Vol. 2
  • Format: manga
  • Author: Tamifull
  • Translator: Abby Lehrke
  • Letterer: Joanna Estep
  • Publisher: Viz Media


Volume 2 of How Do We Relationship? picks up right from where the first volume left off, with the protagonists Saeko and Miwa in bed together for the first time. As you probably expect if you’ve read the first volume, it’s not an instant success; Miwa’s inexperience makes her hesitant. But they’re able to talk and work things out like partners.

Now that Saeko and Miwa are in a good place with each other, though, they now need to figure out how to interact with others. Unfortunately, while they’ve come out to their band, they still hesitate with their fellow students. They feel that society as a whole won’t be as accepting of their lesbian relationship as they should be. So while Saeko and Miwa have figured out how to relationship in private, now they’re trying to figure out how to relationship in public.

Unfortunately, the couple’s efforts to hide in public end up putting strain on their private relationship as well. “Lack of communication” is becoming something of a recurring problem for Saeko and Miwa. Which… is realistic.

(The two characters have a fourth-wall breaking “Commentary Track” comic at the end. It makes some salient points about Saeko’s approach to relationship troubles – I hope we see that come to roost in the main story in the future.)

The characters’ beliefs about how society at large will handle their lesbian relationship are unfortunate but believable. The copyright page indicates that this came out in Japan in 2019, so this is a relatively recent story. I’d like to think the characters’ fears aren’t as applicable to Western society – but I can’t speak through experience either way.

Once again, Viz rates the book as “Teen Plus”. That seems fair, if not slightly low. The first chapter is where most of the goods are, so if you’re uncertain about suitability, finding an online preview should give a good idea.


This time the ending isn’t a point of any particular note for the relationship itself – more a pause than anything else. But that’s fitting for what the manga is about. I’d like to see Saeko and Miwa get better about proactively communicating, to try to head off their worst problems at the pass; but they’re still learning how to relationship, so I can forgive them. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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