How Do We Relationship, Vol. 1

Book Info

How Do We Relationship?, Vol. 1
  • Format: manga
  • Author: Tamifull
  • Translator: Abby Lehrke
  • Letterer: Joanna Estep
  • Publisher: Viz Media


How Do We Relationship? is unusual for romantic manga: by the end of the first chapter, one of the two main characters (Saeko) has confessed to the other one (Miwa). Normally the relationship is the end goal of the story. Here instead the relationship is the story: we get to see the two main characters figure out what a romantic relationship, especially a lesbian one, looks like.

(You’d be forgive if this reminds you of Fly Me to the Moon. However, Relationship is a much more serious take. And also lacks a fantastical backstory for the characters.)

As might be expected from her having confessed first, Saeko is the more outgoing of the pair. Her first time meeting Miwa, she blurted out the rather base “Whoaa… that’s some mad cleavage!” Fortunately, they still ended up becoming friends. Eventually they end up admitting to the other that they’re lesbians, leading to Saeko asking Miwa out.

This is Miwa’s first real relationship – and Saeko isn’t terribly experienced either, despite both being in college – so the two of them are figuring out together just what a relationship looks like. The rest of the book sees the pair slowly growing closer together. They go on dates, they learn more about the other. They even hit some speed bumps, mostly due to inexperience, but they get through them.

By the end of the volume, they’ve gotten more comfortable talking about each other with what they want, and have been able to work through their problems so far. But, like any real relationship, there’s no happily ever after – the pair’s relationship will be an ongoing process, not an end. I look forward to reading more in future volumes.

I should note that Viz rates the book as “Teen Plus”, which sounds right to me. While the art is perfectly tame, there is some frank discussion of sex. As such, this book probably isn’t suitable for younger readers. (But then, I doubt anybody not ready for the book would be interested in a romance-focused title like this anyways!)


How Do We Relationship? is a good exception to the typical romantic manga fare. It’s great to see a romance that’s about the romance, and not just a prelude to it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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