Our Teachers are Dating! Volume 1

Book Info

Our Teachers are Dating! Volume 1
Our Teachers are Dating! Volume 1
  • Format: manga
  • Author: Pikachi Ohi
  • Translator: Jennifer Ward
  • Adaptation: Rebecca Scoble
  • Letterer: Erika Terriquez
  • Publisher: Seven Seas


Our Teachers Are Dating! is exactly what it says on the cover: a yuri manga featuring two high school teachers – gym teacher Hayama Asuka and biology teacher Terano Saki.

The book stands out on its own for having adult protagonists. My instinct is to try to pin them down with stereotypes, but that’s hard. It’s not like one of them is the shy one and one as the easygoing one, for example; they both take turns leading things and following the other. The characters are well-rounded but distinct.

While the two teachers did know each other and work together before the book started, they were just coworkers. We don’t see much of the pair in the classroom, but the school setting is important and helps to drive both the plot and the character elements along. Their relationship progresses quickly over the six main chapters of the book, from asking each other out, to their first official date, through to sleeping together for the first time. There’s even a hot springs trip.

In addition to the two protagonists, two other teachers at the school have minor recurring roles. So far they seem to be there mostly for exposition, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see either of them end up in a relationship of their own in future volumes.


I was actually surprised to see the “To Be Continued” at the end – I’d missed that this was volume 1, and the volume concluded so perfectly that if it was a one-shot I would have been satisfied. I look forward to reading more as these characters’ romance evolves. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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