Heroine for Hire, Volume 1

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Heroine for Hire, Volume 1
Heroine for Hire, Volume 1


Heroine for Hire has an interesting premise – Shuko Kodakamine, after accidentally injuring her fellow student Masaki Serizawa by reflex, is asked by him to be come his bodyguard. He wants Shuko to protect him from himself, and his tendency to get himself in trouble when flirting with other girls at school.

Shuko is reluctant to take him up on the job offer, but after spending some more time with Masaki, is convinced to do so. Unfortunately, after setting up that premise, the remainder of the first volume doesn’t live up to its promise. The next two chapters comprising the rest of the book are a more straight-forward romance between the two main characters. The bodyguard job is more of a setup than something we see carried through the events of the book.


I enjoyed the book, but I would have liked to see less romance and more of their school life and Shuko’s bodyguarding efforts. But I like the relationship between the characters, so I’ll give it at least one more volume. ⭐⭐⭐⭐, Recommended for romance fans.

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